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8-Bit Capital invests in early stage software startups, with a focus on AI, cloud, cybersecurity, enterprise, fintech, and social.

8-Bit Capital investments include:

The AI built for GTM teams
Collective intelligence for developers
Powerful stream processing framework
Painless access management for cloud-native applications
Decentralized chat protocol
Passwordless application management platform
The API security collaboration platform for teams
AI-fueled B2B customer success platform
Load test any stack at any scale
Protect company documents from unauthorized access
Precise LTV prediction for e-commerce and B2C subscriptions
The first integration marketplace as a service
The new e-commerce network for independent sellers
The low-code integration platform built fordevelopers
All-in-one auth for B2B startups
AI-driven all-in-one wealth management
Financing platform for the subscription economy
AI-powered digital design platform
Security on autopilot for data teams
Tools to help presales teams thrive
Building the community tools of the future